Music Classics
	                  MUSIC CLASSICS
                A Tribute to Swing Music of the 1940's

                     A MPI Home Video Release
                     1-800-323-0442 (9 AM - 5 PM CT, M-F)

     Know anywhere that you can see Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong
     performing together or Ed Sullivan the recipient of a love song or
     Duke Ellington jamming with his guys in Harlem?  I do!  MPI has just
     added seven volumes to its Classic Music series which features all the
     great musical stars of the 1940's.  Each star-studded volume is full of 
     swing - Big Bands, Jazz, Dixieland, Be-Bop, Ragtime, Patriotic War
     Songs, and the Blues.  You'll see legends like Eubie Blake, Bing
     Crosby, Count Basie, The Andrew Sisters, Nat "King" Cole,
     Lawrence Welk, Xavier Cugot, and many more who made this one of
     the most exciting eras of music in the United States.  
     MPI has brought the legacy to light.  On video you can see some of
     the first music videos and dances like the Lindy Hop and Jitterbug, as
     well as sample a flavor of the clothing, makeup, hairstyles, humor, and
     moral values of the period.  It's a stroll down Memory Lane for
     anyone who was there; and for those who weren't, it's a fabulous way
     to learn about the music that influenced our parents and generations
     to come.
          Music Classics Vols. 4-10
          Approximately 66-76 minutes   B/W  NR   Digital Dolby Stereo
          Suggested Retail: $19.98 each
          Available May 25, 1999
               -Laurie Lawson-
The Secret World Of......
                      THE SECRET WORLD OF...

                     A MPI Home Video Release
                     1-800-323-0442 (CT M-F)

    If you're the kind of person who wants to know "How did they do
    that?" or "What makes that work?," then MPI's release of THE
    SECRET WORLD OF... is just for you.  This 13-volume series that
    originally aired on The Learning Channel takes you behind the scenes
    of the industries that entertain us, transport us, determine the
    structures of our cities, and establish the trend of our cultures. Where
    does your luggage go at the airport and why are flies painted on the
    urinals in an Amsterdam airport?  How do they build scarier and
    scarier amusement park rides while assuring that they don't actually
    kill you?  How is a supermodel made?  You will learn the answers to
    all these questions and a million more in this fascinating series.  Your
    curiosity will be sated by views from the inside, interviews with the
    people actually involved in the operation of the industry, and a
    historical perspective through vintage footage and/or pictures.  
    There's a plethora of entertainment and education in THE SECRET
    WORLD OF...  The series includes: Airports, Amusement Parks,
    Beauty Pageants, Cars, Circuses & Sideshows, Speed Demons &
    Daredevils, Las Vegas, Magicians & Mentalists, MegaStructures,
    Miami, Professional Wrestling, Rodeos, and Supermodels.
          The Secret World of...
          Approximately 48 minutes each
          Color     NR      Hi-Fi Stereo
          Suggested Retail: $14.98
               -Laurie Lawson-
From The Earth To The Moon
From The Earth To The Moon  
  Produced by HBO Original Programming, Tom Hanks and Imagine Entertainment
  Distributed by HBO Home Video
  Produced with the cooperation of NASA, and based in part on Andrew Chaikin's book "A Man On The
  Moon", this 12-part mini-series follows the course of the "great American dream" 
  as it becomes a reality, through the voyages of the 12 manned Apollo missions, from 1961 through 
  1972.  Directed by Tom Hanks, this series received 17 Emmy Award Nominations and boasts an all-star cast.   
  The use of black and white film, photos and original news film footage, interspersed throughout, gives the
  production a sense of urgency, as if something newsworthy is happening right now.  This most excellent
  technique, a masterful combination of the "then and now" makes us feel as if we are watching the 
  events unfold  in "real time". This chronicle puts a face on our history, makes it more meaningful
  and personal.  
  We watch breathlessly as the astronauts Grissom, Chaffee and White lose their lives in the Apollo 1 
  Plugs Out Test of 1967.  We re-live the heartache of their families, the discouragement felt by NASA 
  and the grief of a  nation mourning the loss of these courageous men.  And the chronicle continues.  
  Each episode is devoted to a  crucial aspect of the Apollo program.
  Against a backdrop of domestic controversy and volatile world politics, we follow humanity's greatest
  adventure, America's quest to reach the heavens. Intensely portrayed and well written, all the excitement,
  all the danger, all the exhilaration of the times is captured for us to share.  Celebrated for its 
  authenticity, this, the largest programming venture in HBO history, is a video series you should not miss!!
  The full set, 12 episodes on six volumes, can be purchased by calling Columbia House Video at 1-800-638-2922.
  Produced by HBO Original Programming, Tom Hanks and Imagine Entertainment
  Distributed by HBO Home Video
  Suggested Retail $99.95 plus shipping
  ~~~Jackie Baer~~~ 
Muhammad Ali In His Own Words
                     MUHAMMAD ALI In His Own Words
                     A MPI Home Video Release
                     1-800-323-0442 (M-F/9-5 CT)

          America makes its own heros.  Was there ever a more unlikely
          candidate than Muhammad Ali?  A brash young man known for his
          outrageous declarations and rhyming verses who changed his name for
          a then-"alien" religion, refused to fight in Viet Nam, and had his
          heavyweight champion title stripped from him, today is revered
          nationally and internationally.  Who is this person and how did he
          MPI's home video release, MUHAMMAD ALI In His Own Words,
          sheds some light on this charismatic persona who has won the heart
          of young and old alike.  From a bold Cassius Clay stealing the
          limelight from his younger brother through his championship fights
          and on to his public fight against Parkinson's disease, there is
          marvelous footage of Ali; and of course, wherever Ali is, you can be
          assured that there are plenty of quotes.  As a boxer, he garnered an
          awesome record of 56 wins with 37 knockouts and 5 losses.  As a
          man, his involvement with humanitarian efforts, such as assistance in
          the release of the hostages in Iran, won him the favor of those who
          may have questioned his youthful decisions.  MUHAMMAD ALI In
          His Own Words is a fine tribute to a courageous individual.
          Muhammad Ali In His Own Words
          Color & B/W        Approx. 40 minutes        NR        Hi-Fi Stereo
          MP7388                UPC# 0-30306-73883-3
          Street Date: February 23, 1999       Suggested Retail Price: $19.98
               -Laurie Lawson-
Secrets Of The Internet
                     SECRETS OF THE INTERNET
                     A MPI Home Video Release
                   1-800-323-0442 (M-F/9-5 CT)

          Roller coasters, turtles on the Galapagos Islands, B-29's, FBI men in
          training, fossils in Mexico, hot rods, volcanos--what's the connection? 
          The Internet, of course.  The Super Highway can, and does, take you
          anywhere you can imagine.  And with approximately 50 million sites
          just waiting for you to visit - and 700 additional sites being added
          daily, there are trips and experiences galore.  All you have to do is
          figure out how to get there.  MPI's SECRETS OF THE
          INTERNET clears up some of the confusion.  Hosted by Richard
          Karn (Al from Home Improvement), you are taken on the direct route
          to some of today's most interesting and innovative web sites.  Along
          the virtual way, you are given clues on how to take your own trips -
          search engines, URL's, etc.
          Originally produced as a three-part mini-series for the Discovery
          Channel, this video has all three episodes on one cassette ("Caught In
          The Web," "Surfin' Safari," and "Hot Links").  As you communicate
          with computer-using dolphins, send a shuttle into space, follow canine
          cops searching for illegal drugs, or pilot a MIG-29, the wonders of
          Cyberspace extend to you.  The inside stories of the sites you are
          visiting will also be revealed.  Secrets Of The Internet will whet the
          appetites of novices, as well as open up new adventures for computer-savvy users.
          Secrets Of The Internet
          Color       145 minutes       NR        Hi-Fi Stereo       SRP: $19.98
          MP7294                            UPC# 0-30306-72943-5
               -Laurie Lawson-
News & Comics
                           NEWS & COMICS
                     A MPI Home Video Release
                   1-800-323-0442 (M-F/9-5 CT)
         Produced in cooperation with the Chicago Tribune

    NEWS & COMICS is the third edition of the award-winning Show
    & Tell series released by MPI Home Videos.  In this 30-minute video,
    two children - Nancy and Denny - take you behind the scenes at the
    busy Chicago Tribune.  
    From learning  how new and recycled paper and ink are made to  the
    distribution of huge 8-mile-long rolls of paper and the actual printing,
    as well as the inside scoop on how stories are researched, written, and
    edited, NEWS & COMICS is full of fascinating footage.  You'll
    even get to watch the creation of the Dick Tracy comic strip. 
    Although the children sound as if they are reading from scripts at
    times, there is still a wealth of information to be garnered from this
    video.  And even though you may not always agree with what you
    read in your daily newspaper, you will definitely come away from
    NEWS & COMICS appreciative of the effort it takes to bring the
    information to you.
    Milk & Cookies and Bats & Balls, both recipients of awards, are the
    first two entries in this series.  The fourth, Peanut Butter & Jelly,
    will be released later this year.  If you can't find them in your local
    video store, you can order them directly from the 800 number above.
          News & Comics
          MP7394                         UPC # 0-30306-73943-4          Color         
          Approximately 30 minutes                 NR               Hi-Fi Stereo
               -Laurie Lawson-
Music Scene: The Best Of 1969-1970
                MUSIC SCENE: THE BEST OF 1969-1970
                     A MPI Home Video Release
                   1-800-323-0442 (M-F/9-5 CT)

    The 17 episodes of MUSIC SCENE managed to include almost every
    big name in rock music during 1969-1970.  Stevie Wonder, Janis
    Joplin, The Beatles, James Brown, Frankie Laine, Chuck Berry,
    and Jerry Butler are just a few of the performers you will see on this
    eight-volume release from MPI Home Video.  The show was hosted
    by comedian David Steinberg and included guest hosts like David
    Jones and John Sebastian.  And on each video you will get bonus
    songs from legends such as Tony Bennett, Johnny Cash, Little
    Richard, Lou Rawls, and more.
    MUSIC SCENE marked an era where the message was in the music;
    and the music turned the tide of American history, politics, and even
    legislation.  Amidst long hair, bell bottoms, and fringed vests you'll
    hear jokes about Spiro Agnew and tie-dying.  There's enough
    nostalgia in each volume to have you mellow and grooving for a long
          Music Scene: The Best of 1969-1970
          Volumes One - Eight
          Color     Approx. 60 minutes each volume     NR      Hi-Fi
          Street Date: March 23, 1999           Suggested Retail Price: $19.98
          Four-Volume Boxed Sets (Vols. 1-4 & Vols. 5-8)
          Suggested Retail Price: $79.98
               -Laurie Lawson-
Images Of Life
  Images of LIFE: Magazine Photographs that changed the world
         20th Century Fox Home Entertainment/CBS Video

              "To see and take pleasure in seeing,
                     To see and be amazed,
                   To see and be instructed."

  With these words Henry Luce launched his new magazine and under
  his direction, Life Magazine dispatched photographers to every corner
  of the globe to act as the eyes and ears of us all.   Through war and
  peace, through triumphs and tragedies, through joys and sorrows, Life
  captured the people who made us laugh, the moments that thrilled us
  and made us cry.  "Life Magazine-our `National Family Album' -and
  the memories continue to grow."
  Hosted by Candice Bergen, this video is an impelling look at 60 years
  of Life, a special anniversary presentation of the greatest events and
  most unforgettable people of our time.  The film footage is
  consuming.  The photographs will mesmerize.  The interviews center
  your focus and hold you there.    As you experience each story, you
  relive the emotions that held you in their grip the first time these
  wondrous, joyous or overwhelmingly sad events first came home to
  us all.  Life in its breathtaking intensity, from Man's first walk on the
  Moon, to the Tiananmen Square Massacre, and throughout Candace
  Bergen delivers an excellent narration that neither intrudes nor
  overwhelms, but guides us through an emotional journey 
  If I could purchase only one video this year, I would choose this one!!
  Every family should have a copy of this-our "National Family Album"
  Images of LIFE: Magazine Photographs that changed the world
  20th Century Fox Home Entertainment/CBS Video
    Running time approx. 47 minutes
    Suggested Retail $14.95
    Available in stores now
                       ~~~Jackie Baer~~~
Touched By An Angel: The Spirit Of Liberty Moon
        Touched by an Angel: The Spirit of Liberty Moon
  CBS Video distributed by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

  Be forewarned, this is not a happy ending video-but, most definitely,
  a touching story packed with emotional issues.  The human rights
  situation in China, a serious global issue, is poignantly portrayed at the
  human level and Bai Ling's performance as Jean Chang will bring you
  to tears.  She portrays a mother who escaped Beijing's Tiananmen
  Square massacre and in doing so had to leave behind her small and
  most precious daughter, Liberty Moon.  
  The angels, Tess (Della Reese) and Monica (Roma Downey) are on
  a mission to rekindle the flame of truth and courage that burned
  brightly enough in Jean's heart to lead her, in spite of great danger to
  herself and family, to stand up for the China of her dreams, to defend
  the rights of her people.   
  This inspirational story, often heartbreaking and sometimes brutal is,
  in my opinion, too intense for younger children.  But viewing it can
  awaken the sensitivities of teenagers and adults to a basic truth: That,
  which degrades any human being, degrades us all.  This video is well
  worth watching--use it to help your young teenager better understand
  the world around us!  View it for yourself as a reminder of what we
  are and what we strive to be!
  Touched by an Angel: The Spirit of Liberty Moon
  Available in stores now
  Running Time approximately 90 minutes
  Suggested Retail Price:  $19.95
                  ~~~Jackie Baer~~~                                     
The Story Of Santa Claus
                  The Story of Santa Claus
      CBS Video/20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

 This animated Holiday Classic (as seen on CBS) comes to video for
 the first time, just in time for Christmas giving!  Featuring the voices
 of Edward Asner as Santa Claus, Betty White as Mrs. Claus and Tim
 Curry as Nostros, the leader of the elves, this entertaining video with
 original songs will delight the youngest members of your household.
 The "true" story of Santa Claus and how he got his start unfolds in
 Europe where a down-on-his-luck toy maker, who himself was raised
 in an orphanage, is evicted from his home with his wife Gretchen.  The
 cause of the financial crisis is Nicholas' desire to give away all the toys
 he makes because it pleases the children-hence his wife's nickname for
 him - my Santa (my saint).  
 They set off in a borrowed boat to deliver the last toys he owns to the
 orphanage where he was raised on Angel's Island.  A freak storm
 blows them off course and they end up at the North Pole where they
 discover the homeland of the magical elves and their leader Nostros.
 Nicholas befriends the grumpy inhabitants and what follows is a
 classic Christmas adventure as Nicholas Claus tries to fulfill his
 lifelong dream - to give every child on earth a toy!
          CBS Video/20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
          Available in stores now
          Approximate Running Time: 50 minutes
          Suggested retail price $14.95
                  ~~~Jackie Baer~~~
Hemingway: Winner Take Nothing
HEMINGWAY: Winner Take Nothing
A MPI Home Video Release


   MPI's original presentation of HEMINGWAY: Winner Take
   Nothing is an inside look at a family plagued by overwhelming
   success and tragedy.  Model/actress Margaux Hemingway goes on
   a mission to learn more about her grandfather, Nobel-prize winning
   author Ernest Hemingway.  Ernest was known for his self-indulgent,
   and often self-destructive, lifestyle that eventually resulted in his
   suicide.  Margaux's journey was taken just a few years before her own
   Traveling with her then-husband and director of this video, Bernard
   Foucher, they end up in some of Ernest's favorite locations -
   Pamplona, Venice, Paris - and interview people who knew her
   grandfather - Paris Mayor Jacques Chirac, Matador Luis Miguel
   Domingiun, bartenders, and others who shared time with the famous
   author.  The story of fame, addiction, and depression is told through
   marvelous pictures, vintage film footage, snippets of Ernest's writings,
   and the raspy, haunting voice of Margaux.  As Margaux learns more
   of her grandfather, she sees disturbing similarities in her life. 
   Eventually, her marriage breaks up, and she returns home to Idaho. 
   Here family interaction rivals with a grueling bull fighting scene in
   Pamplona for intensity, and signs of Margaux's deterioration can be
   HEMINGWAY: Winner Take Nothing is a poignant and powerful
   video that shows the dark side of a family with more than its share of
   genius and talent.
          Hemingway: Winner Take Nothing
          MP7033      UPC # 0-30306-70333-6
          Color & B/W  Approx. 86 minutes   NR   Hi-Fi Stereo
          Suggested Retail Price: $19.98
               -Laurie Lawson-
Going Places/San Francisco
                   Going Places/San Francisco
                      An MPI Home Video Release
               A Thirteen/WNET Production for PBS

  Hosted by James Avery, San Francisco is one of 6 new volumes of
  the very popular PBS series, Going Places.  In this episode we get to
  follow a young couple on a walking tour of this diverse and energetic
  city.  From the incredible scenic beauty of the view from Cliff House
  to the eerie silence of the huge, dense, white fog clouds that envelope
  the Golden Gate Bridge from April to September, we see San
  Francisco open up in a panoramic vista of unforgettable tableaus.
  We share a boat ride to Alcatraz and hear a chilling inmate account of
  being inside "The Rock", visit the home of the Perfect Martini, ride
  the famed Cable Cars and sway down Lombard Street.  We tour
  Chinatown; the Castro, center of the gay community; the Haight, in
  times past the original hippie heaven; and North Beach, the Bohemian
  Beatnik capital of the 60's.  
  This tour of San Francisco manages to get us out of the "tourist
  bubble" and into the San Francisco that the natives know and adore. 
  Interviews with the locals help give you a feel for the city that the
  tourists don't always see.  From swing clubs to the famous City Lights
  Bookstore, from historic Jackson Square to the Napa and Sonoma
  Valleys, from the Mission District to the Golden Gate Park, we see
  why San Francisco remains one of the most popular vacation spots
  in the world.
  This video would make a terrific gift.  It would be an especially helpful
  tool for anyone planning to visit San Francisco--a ticket to the places
  outside "the bubble".  Watching it made me want to go back to the
  enchanting "City by the Bay" and see all the things I may have missed
  on my other visits!
  Additional titles in this series: South Africa, Ireland, Miami,
  Volcanoes & Rainforests, and The Bloodiest Field (travel back in
  time to the Battle of Antietam).   
   Going Places/San Francisco
   Available in stores now
   Running Time approx. 58 minutes
   Suggested Retail Price $12.98 individual volumes/$59.98 six volume set
                    ---Jackie Baer---       
Women Of Substance: Katharine Hepburn
             Women of Substance:  Katharine Hepburn
                   An MPI Home Video Release
                      Produced by ABC News

          An intimate portrait of a very private person, Katharine Hepburn, this
          is the first in the Women of Substance series launched in September
          by MPI Home Video.  Also included in this series are the biographies
          of socialite Gloria Vanderbilt and tobacco heiress Doris Duke.
          Katharine Hepburn, in spite of her extraordinary status as a four-time
          academy award winner, managed to live her private life in relative
          seclusion.  This is a rare view, a look into her intensely private life as
          well as a panorama of her stellar career.  Through interviews, film
          clips, and photos, we gain a better insight into the emotional and
          mental make-up of this spirited and unconventional woman.  
          Her family origins bred and nurtured her fierce independence and
          strong mindedness.  The loss of her beloved brother, (when she was
          a teenager) to suicide, and her subsequent finding of his body, called
          forth her strength and own particular brand of courage.   Katharine
          demonstrated her emotional stamina and strength of character many
          times in her life.  This biography gives us a close-up look beneath the
          fairy-tale image, a better idea of who and what really mattered to Ms.
          Hepburn, and why.
          There is a visual impact in this video that is profoundly moving for
          those of us who are Hepburn fans.  The collage of photographs and
          film clips, the black and white stills of her classic, angular beauty, in
          juxtaposition to the interviews with a well-aged, wise and witty
          Kate-make us feel privileged to know her in a more intimate way, and
          feel better off for having done so! 
          The 58 minutes fly by-and when it is over you take a deep breath and
          rewind the tape so you can view it again!! 
          Women of Substance:  Katharine Hepburn
          Available in stores now
          Running Time approximately 52 minutes
          Suggested Retail Price:  $29.98
                       ---Jackie Baer---
Classic Scooby-Doo: The Haunted House Hang-Up

CLASSIC SCOOBY-DOO: The Haunted House Hang-Up
A Warner Home Video Release

This is Scooby and the gang at their familiar best!! I loved them when these cartoons were first made in the late sixties and early seventies, and I love them now. Guess you're never too old for Scooby!! This gang of teenage detectives, alias Mystery Inc., is still as entertaining as ever. There are eleven volumes in this series of Classic Scooby-Doo. Each video has 2 episodes of the original Scooby and a "Bonus 'Toon".

Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, Fred and of course, Scooby, entertain us in the first episode, The Haunted House Hang-Up, which finds our intrepid gang out in the middle of nowhere when the Mystery Machine (their van) breaks down. Looking for assistance they encounter a headless ghost whose creepy capers lead them to the answers they seek!

In the second episode, A Night of Fright is No Delight, Scooby inherits a fortune from a dead millionaire but finds he and his friends must spend the night in a haunted house to collect the cash! In both episodes we get a generous helping of up-beat, Scooby-style music. These cartoons are not too scary for the younger fans. Generally mild video fair for the young and great fun for parents and kids together as yet another generation discovers Scooby's charm!

I do suggest parental previewing of the "Bonus 'Toon", Cow and Chicken, to decide whether you consider it suitable for your younger children. I found it an odd coupling to the wholesome, silly spookiness of Scooby; a sardonic and inappropriate attempt at humor with too much adult innuendo-really a cartoon with a bad attitude. I do not recommend it for younger children.

CLASSIC SCOOBY-DOO: The Haunted House Hang-Up
Available in stores now
Running Time approximately 52 minutes
Suggested Retail Price: $12.95

---Jackie Baer---

Rusty: The Great Rescue
A CBS/FOX Video Release

          Move over, Rin Tin Tin and Lassie!  Make room for RUSTY: THE
          GREAT RESCUE.  Rusty is one lovable Beagle that you would be
          pleased to have on your side.
          In The Great Rescue he is out to save his human friends, Jory and
          Tess, from the grasps of their greedy cousins.  Jory and Tess live with
          their grandparents (Rue McClanahan, Hal Holbrook), owners of a
          peaceful animal shelter.  Cousins Bart and Bertha (Laraine Newman)
          are more interested in the children's trust fund and devise a kidnaping
          of the shelter's puppies to get their hands on the money.  Rusty enlists
          the help of his animal friends to foil the cousins' plans.  Ducks and
          cows and turtles and snakes from the shelter along with an assortment
          of circus animals participate in the heroic endeavor.
          In the spirit of the hit film "Babe," Rusty's friend all talk.  Voices you
          may recognize include those of Rodney Dangerfield, Bobcat
          Goldthwaite, and Suzanne Somers.  The animals squabble, plot, and
          create a fast-paced, humorous  adventure that is sure to delight every
          member of your family.  
          Rusty: The Great Rescue
          Available in stores September 22, 1998
          Running Time: Approximately 95 minutes
          Suggested Retail Price: $19.98
               -Laurie Lawson-
Diana: In Her Own Words
A MPI Home Video Release

Diana: In Her Own Words is a compilation of speeches and public
appearances made by perhaps the world's most famous Royal family
member. Almost a year after her untimely death, this video is a fitting
tribute to the charitable and compassionate deeds for which it appears
she will most be remembered.
Diana was not a natural-born speaker along the lines of Bill Clinton
and Martin Luther King, Jr.; but she obviously had an impressive
speech writer, and as she practiced and gained experience, she became
quite eloquent. From her first few appearances with Prince Charles in
tow to her independent ventures, she shared her passion for the 
down-trodden -- children, people with AIDS, victims of landmines, and 
those with mental disorders. You will also see her joking with the press 
about their over-zealous reporting and her announcement that she would be 
withdrawing from public life.
For those with loving memories of the Princess, Diana: In Her Own
Words is a must.
          Diana: In Her Own Words
          MP7371    UPC# 0-30306-73713-3
          Color    Approx. 50 minutes    NR     Hi-Fi Stereo
          Release Date: August 18, 1998    Suggested Retail Price: $19.98
               -Laurie Lawson-
Beyond Bizarre
A MPI/Gorgon Home Video Release


Truth is often stranger than fiction, and there's no better proof of this
concept than the Discovery Channel's documentary series, BEYOND
BIZARRE. Now available as a seven-volume video series, you will
have the opportunity to learn about peculiar practices, outlandish
traditions, grotesque customs, and the strange people who indulge in
them, as well as mysterious places and the eerie people who dwell
within. Spontaneous human combustion, urban myths full of
supernatural occurrences, ghost stories, UFO's and alien implants,
modern-day human zombies, and self-made freaks who mutilate
themselves are just a few of the topics that are related through actual
interviews with victims, re-enactments of events, and visits to sites. 
Hosted by Jay Robinson (The Robe, Bram Stoker's Dracula), the
entire journey through  worlds with which most of us are not familiar
becomes a often-terrifying, spine-tingling voyage that is truly
Each volume is priced at $14.98 and runs approximately 47 minutes. 
Start collecting now, and by October 31st, you could have one
horrifying Halloween!
               -Laurie Lawson-
A MPI Home Video Series Release

Okay, all you wanna-be spies can get out your Junior De-Coder Rings
and learn how it is really done. SPIES, originally produced for the
Arts and Entertainment network by Emmy Award-winning journalist
Tony Potter, is now available on home video. This series, a 13-volume 
set, was produced with the indirect cooperation of the CIA and FBI.
Each volume highlights the techniques used and the individuals who
used them. Most of the material was released after the collapse of the
Soviet Union and former East Germany. You will learn how the
information was used, and in some cases, such as Pearl Harbor, how
it was not used. Videos can be purchased individually (SRP $19.98)
or in a 13-volume set (SRP $199.98).
Titles include (1) OSS Covert Action, (2) Wartime Espionage, (3)
Mishandling Intelligence, (4) Code Breaking, (5) Atomic Bomb
Espionage, (6) CIA Operations, (7) Sexpionage, (8) FBI
Counterintelligence, (9) Undercover Spies, (10) Aerial
Reconnaissance, (11) Spying for the KGB, (12) Traitors, and (13)
Assassination. SPIES is a rare opportunity to peek behind the scenes
of operations seldom revealed.
   Color & B/W      Approx. 46 minutes each      NR       Hi-Fi Stereo
               -Laurie Lawson-
Men Are From Mars,Women Are From Venus
An ABC News Special Based on the Best Selling Book by JOHN GRAY 
A MPI Home Video Release

MP7283          UPC 0 7886-0025 7
Color           Approximately 90 Minutes
NR               Mono
Street Date:  May 26, 1998
Suggested Retail Price: $19.98

In 1992 John Gray wrote a simple little book based on a simple little
VENUS, and immediately it became a best seller, resulting in more
hardcover sales than any other book in the last ten years except the
Bible. And what wisdom did he impart in this book?  Men and
women are different - they speak different languages, respond to
different stimuli, receive gratification from different things, define sex
in different terms, and deal with stress in different manners.  And yet,
bless their hearts, they still keep trying to live together.
Gray's book reveals rudimentary techniques based on awareness and
respect that allow Martians and Venusians to live together and
maintain a loving and mutually-rewarding relationship. So impressed
by the insights provided in this book, ABC News invited six volunteer
couples to participate in an eight-month project where they were
introduced to John Gray's concepts and practiced them under the
scrutiny of the camera.  The successes and failures are chronicled in
available as a MPI Home Video Release.
The video, narrated by Barbara Walters, is fascinating - full of
courage, warmth, and humor. In addition to seeing the couples
struggle with everyday problems, there are also scenes from same-sex
support groups and even an opportunity to see John Gray in action at
one of his seminars. Each couple triumphs and utilizes some of Mars-Venus 
philosophies  to improve their relationships.  Men Are From Mars, Women 
Are From Venus--But We Have To Live On Earth should be mandatory viewing 
for all couples.
               -Laurie Lawson-
The Voyage Of La Amistad
A MPI Home Video Release


MP 7279
Color and B&W
Approximately 70 minutes
NR      Hi-Fi Stereo

A seldom-told story is now getting national attention. First a movie
and now a home video - THE VOYAGE OF LA AMISTAD. La
Amistad was the name of the ship that sailed from Havana, Cuba, in
1839 with a cargo of 53 Africans who had been captured from Sierra
Leone and illegally sold as slaves. This was an everyday occurrence
until the Africans revolted and took over the ship. They spared the
lives of two of the ship's crew so they could steer the vessel back to
Sierra Leone. By day the crew compiled; by night they turned the ship
around in the hope of reaching the United States. Finally after two
months, the ship was captured and the Africans were jailed in Long
Island, NY. As the Africans fought for their freedom and return to
their home land, the course of history was changed.
The courageous and consequential tale is chronicled through court
documents, newspaper articles, and testimonies, as well as interviews
from today's leading scholars and historians. Some of the details are
grueling, especially those of the "Middle Passage," a term for the
journey at sea transporting slaves to potential owners in other lands. 
THE VOYAGE OF LA AMISTAD presents a more historical view
of the event than the movie. Anyone interested in the milestones that
formed our country should find this video absorbing.
               -Laurie Lawson-
The Voyage Of La Amistad
A MPI Home Video Release


MP 7279
Color and B&W
Approximately 70 minutes
NR      Hi-Fi Stereo

A seldom-told story is now getting national attention. First a movie
and now a home video - THE VOYAGE OF LA AMISTAD. La
Amistad was the name of the ship that sailed from Havana, Cuba, in
1839 with a cargo of 53 Africans who had been captured from Sierra
Leone and illegally sold as slaves. This was an everyday occurrence
until the Africans revolted and took over the ship. They spared the
lives of two of the ship's crew so they could steer the vessel back to
Sierra Leone. By day the crew compiled; by night they turned the ship
around in the hope of reaching the United States. Finally after two
months, the ship was captured and the Africans were jailed in Long
Island, NY. As the Africans fought for their freedom and return to
their home land, the course of history was changed.
The courageous and consequential tale is chronicled through court
documents, newspaper articles, and testimonies, as well as interviews
from today's leading scholars and historians. Some of the details are
grueling, especially those of the "Middle Passage," a term for the
journey at sea transporting slaves to potential owners in other lands. 
THE VOYAGE OF LA AMISTAD presents a more historical view
of the event than the movie. Anyone interested in the milestones that
formed our country should find this video absorbing.
               -Laurie Lawson-
C l o s e T o Y o u
A MPI Home Video Release

THE CARPENTERS may well be the most enduring of the musical
groups that started in the 1970's.  That's quite an amazing fact since
they introduced their pop sounds and harmonious duets during a time
when acid rock, British groups, and wild electric guitars were bursting
on the scene.  It is also impressive when you consider that one half of
this dynamic duo died in 1983.
All of the wonderful songs that we know word-for-word have been
captured on MPI's video, Close To You: Remembering The
Carpenters.  Songs that we played at our weddings ("We've Only
Just Begun"), songs we hear every Christmas ("Merry Christmas
Darling"), and songs we never tire of singing ("Close To You,"
"Rainy Days And Mondays," "For All We Know," etc.) - they are all
there, along with a 13-minute special bonus of "Hideaway," "Ave
Maria," and a potato chip commercial.  In addition, you will see how
the two got started and rocketed to stardom through interviews with
Richard Carpenter, Herb Alpert, Burt Bacharach, Petula Clark, Les
Paul, Paul Williams, and members of the Carpenter's band.  Fun
revelations, such as how a commercial for a bank brought together
Richard Carpenter and Paul Williams and created a number-one hit
song or how the first guitar solo appeared in a Carpenter recording,
make CLOSE TO YOU a video that will delight fans of The
Carpenters and anyone who has ever heard their music.
   Close To You: Remembering The Carpenters
   Color        Approx. 75 minutes    NR    Hi-Fi Stereo
   VHS:        MP7278 UPC 0 30306-7278-3 7       SRP: $19.98
   Laserdisc: CLV7278 UPC 0 30306-7278-6 8     SRP: $19.98
   DVD:        DVD7278 UPC 0 30306-7278-2 0    SRP: $24.98
               -Laurie Lawson-
Touched By An Angel: A Christmas Miracle
TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL: A Christmas Miracle
A CBS Home Video Release
Touched By An Angel
Used to be that angels had their seasons - they were bountiful during
Christmas and could usually be spotted during the Easter holidays. 
But in the last few years, angels have become a prominent part of our
society.  And no where can this be better witnessed than in the # 1
CBS television series TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL.  This series
ranks among the top ten prime time shows and has been nominated for
five Emmy awards.  The angels are making their presence known, and
humankind cannot get enough of these divine beings.
Touched By An Angel: Christmas Miracle          
TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL; A Christmas Miracle is bound to be
a heavenly (and earthly) success.  The CBS home video combines two
hour-long Christmas episodes with a continuing story line and a
couple of miracles that will put a glow in your holidays.  In addition
to the series' stars, Roma Downey and Della Reese, Randy Travis
portrays a major character.  Wayne (Travis) has the responsibility of
taking care of his mentally-retarded brother, Joey.  The death of
Joey's only friend, Serena, brings about a miracle that occurs in the
town's church.  An angel appears as a Christmas gift to the
congregation, but this miracle does not come easily.  The emergence
of a con-artist taints the extraordinary experience and threatens the
faith of the believers.  As Wayne and Joey, along with members of the
church, struggle with their doubts and their faith, Monica and Tess
(Downey and Reese) are busy imparting the true meaning of
A Christmas Miracle is a modern-day "It's A Wonderful Life," full
of Christmas spirit, human dilemmas, restored faith in mankind, and
a few miracles as a bonus.  This could easily become a holiday family
tradition.  Perfect for gift giving, pick up a few and pass on the good
          Running Time: 90 minutes
          Suggested Retail Price: $19.98
               -Laurie Lawson- 
Planetary Traveler
A Fox Lorber Home Video

Director/Producer: JAN C. NICKMAN
Original Music Score: PAUL HASLINGER

Planetary Traveler
After two years of creative endeavors by some of the world's top
digital artists, Fox Lorber is releasing PLANETARY TRAVELER,
the first full-length program ever produced totally on desktop
computers.  This video is a mesmerizing visual feast made even more
delightful by music scored just for the occasion by Paul Haslinger.
The premise behind Jan C. Nickman's Planetary Traveler is an alien
race in search of eight worlds.  The journey begins as silvery saucers
soar over a profusion of colors and shapes.  Flaming lava-laden
mountains, snow-crested peaks, placid shimmering waters, blazing
sunsets and crystallized moons, breath-taking flights through gorges -
they are all a part of this magical trip.  The angle from which you view
the marvelous sights is in constant motion as forms expand and shrink
and transform into other objects.  The effect is not only spellbinding
and mind boggling in a "how-did-they-do-that?" aspect; it also serves
to remind us how interconnected our universe is.  Pick up this video
and take the next voyage with the Planetary Traveler.  It's a trip!
          Running Time: 40 Minutes
          VHS Hi-Fi
          Digitally Mastered
               -Laurie Lawson-

A MPI Home Video Release
Produced and Directed by Michael Blum

MPI Home Video has come up with a true gem...well, maybe not a
gem but definitely an unpolished treasure.   RICHARD PRYOR:
LIVE & SMOKIN' documents a stand-up routine performed live at
the New York Improvisation in 1971 by one of the unquestionable
comic geniuses of our times.  Pryor mastered the art of political and
social commentary with his own particular slant of humor and satire
at a proficiency equaled only by the late, great Lenny Bruce.  And this
video is a unique opportunity to watch him work out his technique.
LIVE & SMOKIN' is Richard in the Raw, full of obscenities,
questionable topics, and uninhibited sex.  We wouldn't have it any
other way!  And peeking through the rough routines are some of our
favorite Pryor characters, like Willie the Junkie and the Wino
Preacher, as well as his now infamous White Person Voice.  There's
also the Richard that his fans came to know and love, the one with an
anger and a vulnerability just below the surface.  The young comedian
will win your heart all over again as you watch him become obsessed
with the camera (possibly this was his first experience being filmed)
and candidly recalling his childhood and his attempts to be "Negro." 
Pryor enthusiasts everywhere will delight in watching the development
of one of our national celebrities.
Richard Pryor: Live & Smokin'

MP7233   Color     Approx. 46 minutes     NR    Hi-Fi Mono

                        -Laurie Lawson- 
Legacy Of A Princess
DIANA (1961-1997): Legacy of a Princess
A MPI Home Video Release
Narrated by Elizabeth Vargas

Once upon a time there was a princess named Diana.  She was not a
fairy but a real, live girl/woman who captured the hearts of everyone
around the world.  Her life ended abruptly on August 30, 1997; and
we are still reeling from the shock.  
MPI's DIANA (1961-1997): Legacy of a Princess is a beautiful
tribute to this most-loved lady.  Beginning with the fatal car crash, the 
tragic and triumphant life of Diana is told through interviews with
people who knew her, strangers who loved her, authors and
journalists who wrote about her, and news commentators accustomed
to covering her every move.  Lots of film footage document her
courtship and marriage to Prince Charles, the birth of her children, and
the turmoil of the Royal Family and Diana's failing relationship with
her Prince, as well as her charitable works and her special efforts to
raise her royal children.  And as we follow the disorder in her fairytale
life, the grace, charm, honesty and vulnerability of Diana shines
Legacy of a Princess chronicles a life cut short far too soon.  It also
preserves the spirit and beauty that made Diana our personal Princess
and "the queen of our hearts."
Diana (1961-1997): Legacy of a Princess
MP7275     Color     Approx. 60 minutes     NR     Hi-Fi Stereo
Suggested Retail Price: $14.98
               -Laurie Lawson-
Confession Of An Assassin

A MPI Home Video Release
MPI Home Video has decided to make available what it is declaring the most important video document released in the companys 21-year history.

CONFESSIONS OF AN ASSASSIN: THE MURDER OF JFK is a 76-minute interview with prisoner James E. Files (a.k.a. James Sutton). In this uncut and unedited document, Files confesses to being involved in the murder of President John F. Kennedy. Files reveals how the plan to assassinate the President of the United States evolved in Chicago six months prior to the actual murder.

His chilling narrative includes details about organized crime, military special operations, the CIA, the Bay of Pigs, as well as escape routes, weaponry, and points of bullet entries.

Files is very matter of fact and unremorseful about any of the steps taken to change the course of history. In 1989 Houston private investigator Joe West began a comprehensive search to find the real murderers of John F. Kennedy. A tip from an FBI agent, who preferred to remain nameless, led him to James E. Files at Joliet State Penitentiary.

CONFESSIONS OF AN ASSASSIN: THE MURDER OF JFK is the result of Wests and his associates unrelenting efforts to unearth the truth. See the video and judge for yourself.

- Laurie Lawson-

In Concert


A MPI Home Video Release

First there was Lenny Bruce, and then there was Richard Pryor. No two men have been more influential and revolutionary in the world of comedy. And, although recent health problems prevent Pryor from performing live, some of his best material has been captured in MPI's home video, RICHARD PRYOR LIVE!

Filmed in Long Beach, California, this 1979 concert portrays the essence of Pryor. In his usual candid manner, he's racy and raunchy; and the audience loves him. He speaks of shooting his car, his father dying during a sexual escapade, his over-sexed pet monkeys, and a wide variety of topics that have the audience gasping for breath. He charms with his impersonations of characters, animals, and inanimate objects; accentuates with his adroit body movements and antics; and provides hilarious material from beginning to end.

His routines are timeless, his comedy is genius, and the man is a legend. RICHARD PRYOR LIVE! is a delightful addition to your video collection.

Richard Pryor Live! in concert MP7084 Color NR Hi-Fi Mono Running Time: Approximately 78 minutes Suggested Retail Price: $19.98 Available Date: January 30, 1996

- Laurie Lawson-

Window 's Kiss


From HBO Home Video



Directed by PETER FOLDY* Screenplay by MARK DONNELLY and PETER FOLDY*

Justin Sager (Bruce Davidson) is a recently-widowed father who engages in a whirlwind courtship with the sensuous Vivian Fairchild (Beverly D'Angelo). Much to the dismay of Justin's son Sean (Bruce Davidson), the two quickly marry. And almost as quickly, Justin suffers a mysterious death. Now Sean inherits his father's estate, as well as the malicious intentions of his new stepmother and her son. As Sean's suspicions that his father's death was intentional grow stronger, he enlists the assistance of a private investigator (Dennis Haysbert). Together they discover that Vivian is a woman with a shady past, a son to whom she is far too close, and a deadly plan for her stepson. Now it is up to Sean to escape the WIDOW'S KISS.

Although the theme is familiar, this thriller has steamy scenes intensified by suspense and surprises. Beverly D'Angelo is delectable as the sultry widow, and Dennis Haysbert is winning as the reluctant investigator. WIDOW'S KISS will take you along on its seductive and menacing ride. Widow's Kiss Available Date: July 9, 1996 VHS Hi-Fi Dolby Stereo "R" Running Time: 103 Minutes

- Laurie Lawson-

The Collector 's Editon


A Columbia House Home Video Release


Bilko's back! The King of Con Men is making a comeback, both on film (with Steve Martin assuming the role) and video tape. Columbia House's THE PHIL SILVERS SHOW: THE COLLECTOR'S EDITION has taken the original 35 MM negatives and remastered them for superb clarity.

Phil Silvers was the saucy sergeant everyone came to love in the 1950's. Head of an army motor pool and brimming with get-rich-quick schemes, Ernest T. Bilko and his cohorts kept television viewers laughing as they concocted outlandish plots destined to fail. And always, in the end, Bilko's heart of gold got the best of him. A master of comedy, he etched his own special brand on early television.

Four full-length episodes comprise the introductory volume. Not only will you get to see regulars like Col. Hall (Paul Ford), Private Doberman, Corporal Henshaw, and Corporal Barbella, but Alan Alda, Dick Van Dyke, Yogi Berra, and Whitey Ford are just a few of the young actors you will recognize in these episodes.

The introductory volume of THE PHIL SILVERS SHOW: THE COLLECTOR'S EDITION is being offered at a special price of $4.95 plus shipping and handling. Subsequent volumes will be sent every four to six weeks ($19.95 plus shipping and handling). They can be obtained only by calling the toll-free number above.

- Laurie Lawson-

The Collector's Edition


A Columbia House Home Video Release


Television viewers were steadfast fans of the hit western drama "Have Gun Will Travel" from 1957-1963. And now after almost 20 years, they can once again enjoy episodes--uncut, unedited, and remastered from the original CBS negatives for superb clarity.

Richard Boone starred as Paladin, a cultured gentleman from San Francisco who was a mercenary with a worthy cause. He dressed in black, carried a Colt 45, and spoke with accomplished wisdom. HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL: THE COLLECTOR'S EDITION features four full-length episodes, including the pilot (airdate: 9/14/57) and "Genesis," the show that explained how Paladin began his career. In this episode Boone plays two roles. Young stars-to-be, such as William Conrad, Jack Lord, Robert Mitchum, Pernell Roberts, and Charles Bronson, can also be spotted in this volume.

THE COLLECTOR'S EDITION is being offered at an introductory price of $4.95 plus shipping and handling. Each subsequent volume, featuring four episodes on each cassette, will arrive every four to six weeks for $19.95 plus shipping and handling. To order, call the toll-free number above.

- Laurie Lawson-

King Of The Road


A White Star Video Release
How do you pay homage to a Country Music Legend? You locate video clips of his performances, play as much of his music as possible, and get a bunch of his friends together. This is what has been done in the White Star Entertainment video, ROGER MILLER: KING OF THE ROAD. His wife Mary says Everybody has a Roger Miller story, and some of the best are on this video. Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash, Mel Tillis, Kris Kristofersen, and Willie Nelson are just some of the folks who share their memories of this gifted man.

Miller, often referred to as The Songwriter's Songwriter, was the first musician to receive eleven Grammys and can be credited with the creation of over 400 songs. King of the Road, his most well-known, actually beat out the Beatles Yesterday for Song of the Year in 1965. He was also the first country singer to win a Tony Award after writing the music for the Broadway show Big River. No slouch in the singing department, when music publishers Buddy Killen and Shelby Singleton urged Miller to record all the silly songs he was always singing, the public fell in love with him. He may have been the singer to originate Country Scat, often ending his songs with never-before-heard sounds that delighted his listeners. It is no wonder that Roger Miller was unanimously elected into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1995, two years after his untimely death.

ROGER MILLER: KING OF THE ROAD beautifully captures the essence and effervescence of the man. It is a glorious tribute to the talented singer/songwriter whose talents influenced so many.
- Laurie Lawson-

Caught In The Act


A White Star Video Release

CAUGHT IN THE ACT is the video that created a scandal in Britain and eventually resulted in its removal from video stores. Now it is available in the United States, thanks to White Star Entertainment.

Private (or so they thought!) acts have been captured from hidden cameras in banks, storage rooms, restaurants, rooftops, and other places where individuals have no idea they are being watched. You will see actual robberies, car thefts, sexual acts, and street fights, as well as a glimpse into the life of Princess Di.

Barrie Goulding, notorious for his controversial presentations of executions and police crime scene videos, has compiled the events recorded on this video. Although the action is mesmerizing (similar to a traffic accident), at times CAUGHT IN THE ACT has a voyeuristic quality. The most confusing part of this video is the message at the end. The distinction between robbing a bank and performing a quick sexual liaison with your boss wife in the storage room is blurred. Urging listeners to stand up for their rights to privacy, the tape rolls as we watch other peoples privacy invaded. And we are the invaders. Perhaps the strongest message is a need for control. You be the judge.
- Laurie Lawson-

The History Of Talk Radio


A White Star Video Release

What do Don Imus, Sally Jessy Raphael, Dr. Ruth, Rush Limbaugh, Morton Downey, Jr., Larry King, and Howard Stern all have in common? These superstars all began their careers in talk radio. THE HISTORY OF TALK RADIO chronicles the phenomenon of talk radio from before there was television to its growing popularity today.

You will see pioneers, such as Bill Balance, tough-talking Joe Pyne, Alan Burke, and Long John Nebel, in never-before-seen action. How the entertainment format developed into a leading force today is revealed through the people who influenced it. Whether a refuge for political figures, such as Oliver North and G. Gordon Liddy, a source of demise (and eventual redemption) for controversial figures like Bob Grant, a message of salvation and practical advice from inspirations such as Dr. Laura Schlessinger, or the grounds for tragedy (it is suspected that Alan Berg was killed by an enraged listener), there is no doubt that talk radio is here to stay.

America is listening and responding. THE HISTORY OF TALK RADIO will reveal why.
- Laurie Lawson-

Steal Big , Steal Little


A HBO Home Video Release
Directed by ANDREW DAVIS

Andy Garcia is a double delight in STEAL BIG,

STEAL LITTLE.  He portrays twin brothers -

gentle Ruben and greedy Robby.  When their

wealthy adopted mother (Holland Taylor) dies

and leaves all her money to Ruben, Robby

devises a plan of ultimate revenge.  As the

brothers battle it out, the results are


In addition to Garcia's splendid performance,

he is surrounded by an all-star cast.  Always

a master of comedy, Alan Arkin is Lou Perilli,

an ex-cop with problems of his own, who helps

Ruben defend himself; and David Ogden Stiers

is the crooked sheriff assisting Robby in his

diabolic deeds.  Joe Pantoliano is the family

lawyer who has trouble choosing a side, and

Rachel Ticotin is Ruben's supportive wife.

The pace is brisk, the humor fresh and

sophisticated, and the action twists and turns

with surprises.  STEAL BIG, STEAL LITTLE will

thoroughly entertain you from beginning to end.

Steal Big, Steal Little
Available Date:  April 23, 1996
Approximate Running Time:  135 minutes
VHS Hi-Fi Dolby Stereo
Rated PG-13

            Laurie Lawson-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
A & E Home Video

A&E Home Video


An A&E Home Video Release




JANE AUSTEN'S PRIDE AND PREJUDICE was the highest rated program to air on the A&E channel. Indeed, it brought about a revived interest in the renowned author; witness the Academy-Award nominee "Sense and Sensibility" and the currently in-the-works film "Emma." Now this classic can be enjoyed over and over with the A&E home video release.

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is a sumptuous adaptation of the 1813 novel. Set in the attractive English countryside, the scenery is breath-taking, the costumes exquisite, and the re-creation of the era, including estates, ballrooms, and handsome manors, is superb.

In this touching comedy, there are five Bennet daughters, all seeking husbands--preferably wealthy. The one exception is Elizabeth (Jennifer Ehle), the fourth daughter who swears she will marry for love alone. The charming Ehle possesses just the right combination of spunk, grace, modesty, and sparkle. The story follows her unlikely and unpredictable romance with the arrogant and wealthy Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth). Firth is magnificently brooding and mysterious.

The characters in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE are rich and complex. The multi-faceted plot is full of social commentary and witty dialogue. As issues of pride and prejudice thwart cupid's arrow, you will find yourself totally mesmerized throughout the entire 300 minutes. Just as you would cherish the book in your literary collection, you will want JANE AUSTEN'S PRIDE AND PREJUDICE to be a part of your video collection. This is a masterpiece!

Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

Catalog # AAE-15410 Street Date: June 25, 1996 Unrated Color VHS Running Time: Approximately 300 minutes Suggested Retail Price: $99.95

- Laurie Lawson_

Savage Skies


A MPI Home Video Release

Just in the last two weeks, tornados have ravaged the Midwest, Northeasterners have all but given up having a spring season as record-breaking heat spells quickly shift into frost-laden nights, and the film "Twister" broke box office records when it opened. It's no wonder that interest in the weather is on the increase.

SAVAGE SKIES, premiering on PBS and now available on video through MPI Home Video, is a fascinating four-part series that explores the power of Mother Nature. Narrated by NBC meteorologist Al Roker, live footage captured by those daring folks known as "storm chasers," first-person accounts, and scientific analysis bring the wonder and the treachery of weather all over the world to viewers.

Volume I, Fire and Rain, tells you how rain is formed, what causes hail, and how lightening becomes electrified. You will hear accounts from survivors of the Mississippi Valley floods and visit Bombay as people await the monsoon rains.

The second volume, Riders on the Storm, follows "storm chasers" as they seek tornados and lightening photographers as they seek the perfect picture. Rare video and eyewitness reports of a family of Kansas tornados are also a part of this exciting episode.

"Monsters of the Deep" explores hurricanes, the violent tropical storms that produce as much energy as an atomic bomb. Hurricane Andrew, the United States' most costly natural disaster, struck Miami suburbs in 1992, and the first-account stories of the survivors are horrifying. "El Nino," a phenomenal current in the Pacific Ocean that has far-reaching effects on weather, is also examined.

The final episode, The Winter's Tale, surveys the nearly 50 million square miles on earth that are covered with snow. You will visit Oimyakon, the world's coldest inhabited village, and hear about life from its residents. You will learn how a snowflake is formed and review some of history's biggest blizzards.

SAVAGE SKIES is absolutely engrossing; its presentation is multi-faceted, and its subject matter is made even more forceful by the fact it is both actual and universal. It will make avid weather watchers out of everyone, and they can leave their umbrellas home.

Four-Volume Boxed Set MP7142 UPC 0 30306-7142-3 3 Color & B/W Approx. 3 hours, 50 minutes NR Hi-Fi Stereo SRP: $79.98
Fire And Rain MP7138 UPC 0 30306-7138-3 0 Color & B/W Approx. 55 minutes NR Hi-Fi Stereo SRP: $19.98
Riders On The Storm MP7139 UPC 0-30306-7139-3 9 Color & B/W Approx. 59 minutes NR Hi-Fi Stereo SRP: $19.98
Monsters Of The Deep MP7140 UPC 0-30306-7140-3 5 Color & B/W Approx. 57 minutes NR Hi-Fi Stereo SRP: $19.98
The Winter's Tale MP7141 UPC 0 30306-7141-3 4 Color & B/W Approx. 58 minutes NR Hi-Fi Stereo SRP: $19.98

- Laurie Lawson-

Dream Team 96

A CBS/FOX and NBA Entertainment Home Video Release 


As Olympic Fever goes into a high pitch and Atlanta readies itself for the 
arrival of the worlds greatest athletes, NBA has come up with another video that 
will delight basketball fans around the world. 

DREAM TEAM 96 GOES FOR THE GOLD profiles each of the star players selected 
for the U.S. Olympic Team. Charged with maintaining the legacy left by the 1992 Gold 
Medalists Dream Team, Dream Team 96 is prepared for the challenge. 

Comprising the team are Charles Barkley (Phoenix Suns), Anfernee Hardaway (Orlando 
Magic), Grant Hill (Detroit Pistons), Karl Malone (Utah Jazz), Reggie Miller (Indiana 
Pacers), Hakeem Olajuwon (Houston Rockets), Shaquille ONeal (Orlando Magic), Scottie 
Pippen (Chicago Bulls), Mitch Richmond (Sacramento Kings), David Robinson (San Antonio 
Spurs), Glenn Robinson (Milwaukee Bucks), and John Stockton (Utah Jazz). 

In this memorable video you will get an intimate glimpse of each talented player. 
Interviews with the players and their team members are enhanced by double-takes of 
their most fascinating and impressive plays. Highlights of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic 
Games renew the pride that Americans felt, and the spirit of team glory runs throughout. 

A profile of Coach Lenny Wilkens is also included, as is a brief evaluation 
of the Womens National Team, out to win back the Gold Medal. Catch DREAM TEAM 96 
GOES FOR THE GOLD before these guys go into action. It will make the sure-to-be illustrious 
games even more personal. Dream Team 96 Goes For The Gold Running Time: Approximately 
50 minutes Suggested Retail Price: $14.98 

- Laurie Lawson-  
Across The Sea Of Time


A Sony Pictures Classics Release
Director/Producer: STEPHEN LOW
Executive Producer/Writer: ANDREW GELLIS
Music Composed and Conducted by: JOHN BARRY
Director of Photography: ANDREW KITZANUK
Camera Operator/Stereographer: NOEL ARCHAMBAULT

If you think you are one of those savvy people on familiar terms with New York City, you ain't seen nothing yet! ACROSS THE SEA OF TIME, Sony's second IMAX 3D dramatic presentation, is the ultimate journey across one of the most famous islands in the world.

ACROSS THE SEA OF TIME chronicles the adventures of Tomas (Peter Reznik), a young Russian immigrant who stows away on a ship bound for America. His goal is to locate his family from a 100-year-old stereocard picture. He travels from Ellis Island through the streets and neighborhoods of New York City.

And thanks to the largest screen in the western hemisphere (80 feet high and 100 feet wide - equivalent to an eight-story building), 3D Personal Environment Sound, and the amazing IMAX 3D format, you can share in his sense of wonder and discovery.

Armed with your personal headsets equipped with liquid crystal lenses and a six-channel digital stereo system, you will race through a subway tunnel at a dizzying pace, hold on for dear life as you ride the roller coaster at Coney Island, and become a part of the cast of Broadway's "Crazy For You." Even more fascinating are the turn-of-the-century stereocard pictures that spring into life via 3D format. ACROSS THE SEA OF TIME is truly an adventure guaranteed to become a must-see attraction for tourists and Native New Yorkers alike.

Laurie Lawson-

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